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When so much is riding on the sale of a family home, it's of the utmost importance that you surround yourself with someone who can remain neutral and is prepared to support you and your partner from start to finish. You need more than an appraisal for your home's value... you need a comparative market analysis based on the condition of your home and any possible encumbrances that can decrease your equity. That's why I will provide you with a pre-sale inspection of your home and a preliminary title search before we list. Before you agree to any property division, you must know the true value of your house. I'll also bring in a stager to showcase the fixed assets of your house. My team of professionals, proven marketing strategy, and specialized knowledge of divorce real estate will help to ensure that you get every single penny out of the home's equity. 

Divorce listings are different. I know. I've been through this myself. We can be at our worst during this difficult transition, and the house can be used as a power tool or a source of revenge. Decisions about the house must be made jointly, but they don't need to be made together. It's my policy to meet separately with each person, communicate with one person at a time (no group emails or calls), and strive to maintain neutrality always. I will be the point person for all things related to your home, and I will communicate effectively with your divorce attorney or mediator.

Possible challenges can arise when one or both partners becomes unavailable, unresponsive, or uncooperative to time-sensitive real estate matters. I used to be a counselor, so I'll use my skills to encourage you to not jeopardize the sale of your most precious asset due to your emotions. This might be an arduous process, but I'll help you get to a place of restoration by keeping the best interest of the house at the forefront. 

Distanced Couple
Speaking with the Judge

I will help you find the answers to the following important questions:

  • Who's on the title?

  • Who's on the mortgage? (These two can be different!)

  • What is your loan payoff? (This is different than the amount on your mortgage statement.)

  • Are there any encumbrances on the property? 

  • Are there any personal encumbrances against either party that will need to be paid off from the house's equity?

  • What is the true value of your house after having your major systems, roof, and foundation assessed by a home inspector?

  • Are there any court orders to be honored during this process?

  • Has one partner purchased another property during the separation and is there a Free Trader Agreement?

  • Can one of you refinance and stay in the house?

  • Do you have to sell before purchasing another property? How much can you qualify for based on your new financial picture... job income, spousal support, new obligations, etc.?

  • How much time will you have during discovery to determine the true value of your house before you agree to ANYTHING? 

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